Our Story

Ed Huffman III has been in the automobile business since he was 17 years old. Huffman’s Auto Refinishers opened in 1987 at its present location. Hundreds of vehicles were repaired for both customers and insurance companies. In 1996, the repair business evolved into Huffman’s Auto Sales, the year Eddie Jr. was hired as a salesman. January 2013 marked a milestone where the 20,000th  vehicle entered the inventory, and nearly as many vehicles have been sold; many to repeat customers here in the state as well as all over the world. Some of our vehicles have sustained damage caused by collision, of which in many cases, damage is minimal requiring little to no repair. We also have storm damage, recovered theft, and flood vehicles, many of which are ready to drive home from the lot! Our team of fifteen employees’ ongoing goals are to provide top quality service to our customers and offer an increasingly large selection of low-mileage vehicles at very reasonable prices. As always, prices are negotiable. In addition to Eddie, Ted Huffman and Mike Grabosky have joined the sales team. Our salesmen make every effort to satisfy customer requests.

We now have more than 700 foreign and domestic, late-model auto, trucks, vans, sport utilities, campers, motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles in stock. Huffman’s now accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover card, as well as cash, approved checks, and wire transfers. We can help arrange delivery of vehicles to any location.

In early 2007, we added our inspection business to take care of our customer’s yearly safety inspections and emissions testing. We also specialize in completing the PennDOT required Enhanced Safety Inspection; the process of applying for a reconstructed title from a salvage certificate. Our notaries, Lora and Tricia, or our inspection mechanics Tim and Ben will be able to answer any questions you may have about this process. We are a full service Notary Public and a PennDOT online authorized agent.

Massive renovations at the current location were completed in May of 2008. Construction of a new shop, offices, and showroom featuring motorcycles and ATV’s, accommodate a rapidly growing business. In addition, an expanded car lot with increased customer parking was added.

None of our success would be possible without the fine group of employees here at Huffman’s, and also you the customer for your interest and support!

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