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Who can buy from Huffman’s Auto Sales, Inc?

Everyone!! General public, dealers, and body shops.

What type of title will my vehicle have?

We sell reconstructed titles, salvage certificates, and even some good titles with no brands.  Check the title codes to verify the type of title/certificate the vehicle you are interested in has.

What is the difference between a Salvage Certificate and Reconstructed title?

A Salvage Certificate is the legal document that proves ownership of a salvage vehicle.  You can not legally put a license plate or drive the vehicle on any roads.  However, once all damage has been repaired; safety equipment, suspension, etc. and then passes the Enhanced Safely Inspection, you then can register your vehicle, transfer or purchase a new plate and drive away!  Most banks will not hold a salvage title as collateral for a loan.


A Reconstructed Title is a rebuilt, flood, hail or a theft restored to operating conditions and the Enhanced Safety Inspection was completed. It is a street legal vehicle that has been restored from the salvage condition after going through an enhanced inspection and being deemed safe for travel again. Now you can register a plate to your vehicle, purchase insurance, and your bank will hold the title as collateral for the loan.

You’re welcome to test drive vehicles at our dealership

How do I pay for my purchase?

To secure a vehicle for your purchase, we ask for $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  You then have 5 business days to pay your balance in full.  The remaining balance can be paid by cash, a pre-approved check, a bank wire, cashier’s check, or a money order.  The full balance cannot be placed onto a credit/debit card.

Do you finance vehicles?

No, we do not do any type of financing or “buy here/pay here”.   We have local banks and credit unions that we can recommend, or you may call your personal bank to get financed through them. Most banks will not hold a salvage title as collateral for a loan, however, most banks will hold a Reconstructed Title as collateral for a loan!


Do you provide shipping?

We can provide local shipping or coordinate long distance shipping.  We work with many reliable trucking companies to provide safe, secure and affordable transportation for your purchase.  Usual delivery time for long distance deliveries is 3-14 business days.

What does “Runs and Drives” mean?

At the time the vehicle was put up for sale, we verified the vehicle started, could be put into gear and was capable of moving forward and reverse under its own power.  There is no guarantee, representation or warranty that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition or can lawfully be driven upon the highways of any state.

What does “Mileage Discrepancy” mean?

At some point in the vehicle history, actual mileage was not or could not be verified.  This may have been due to damaged wiring, keys not being available, a damaged battery or some other issue.  The photo of the odometer displayed with the vehicle is the reading that was taken when the vehicle arrived at our facility.

How long until I receive my Salvage Certificate?

Unless paid by cash or other arrangements are made prior to purchase, you will receive your certificate by mail to the address listed on the bill of sale in approximately 22 days.

Who performs the Enhanced Safety Inspection on my Salvage?

We do. Huffman’s ESI, Inc. call our inspection mechanic at 724-547-4700 for your appointment.

For more stations in your area, follow the link below! https://www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/BMV/BMV%20Publications/enhancedstations.pdf

Will my flood damaged vehicle come with an interior carpet?

Yes.  When the vehicle was received on our lot, the carpet and seats were removed, and professionally cleaned before being reinstalled into the vehicle.  If you are interested in a vehicle on our lot, but the interior appears to be missing, please ask a salesperson. These vehicles are sold complete with a new PA inspection, emissions, alignment and are ready to go!


We pride ourselves on providing accurate descriptions and details.  Our descriptions are provided as a guide only and we do not guarantee any parts or repairs that are needed to fix the vehicle regardless whether buying in person or over the phone. We can email or text you any extra photos you desire of damage or send your autobody specialist or mechanic to our location to inspect in person!

Do you take trade-ins?

We will take any trade vehicle into consideration and give you a general idea of value over the phone. However, for the most accurate appraisal for your trade we need to physically see your trade. Also, we must know about any payoffs on your trade and what amount of money is owed on the loan.

I can not see the damaged area can you send me better pictures?

We can provide photos of any area in question by email or text.

Do you sell parts?