• Online Title & Registration Transfers
  • New Plate Issue: Auto, Truck, Bike, Trailer
  • Instant Registration Renewals
  • Salvage Title
  • Enhanced Reconstructs
  • Out-of-State Transfers w/Plate
  • Full Service Notary Public

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Call (724) 547-6202
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  • Safety Inspection – $25.00
  • Enhanced Safety Inspection – $141.51*
  • Emissions Inspection – $40.00

Taxes not included.

*Other fees not included: Title, Registration, Clerical and online for Enhanced Safety Inspection.

An Enhanced Safety Inspection is required when initially applying for your reconstructed title from its salvage certificate. Please contact us with any questions concerning the reconstruct process.

Inspections are by appointment only.
Monday – Friday, contact Tim at: (724) 547-4700

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